There are several rugs made with different materials like jute, durable plastic, fabrics, wool, cow hides and reindeer. Among all other type cow hides is a popular rug material type used for both fashion and home use purpose. The cow hide rugs are well known for their hardness, natural appearance and stylish made which gives contemporary look for the room. These type products are used from starting period when man started to kill animals for its resources after long decade the skins of animals are designed as useful products to humans. The raw skin of animals has tendencies to decompose soon so it is necessary to do tanning for animal skins to avoid natural decomposition. There are two types of tanning is done vegetable tanning and modern chromium tanning among two process the chromium tanning will results the product with high quality and softer in nature.

Steps involved in chromium tanning of cow hide rugs

The cow hide rugs chromium tanning process involves totally six steps of process which are listed below.

  • Initially the raw cow hides are washed to remove dirt, blood and manure then added up with some preservatives like sodium chloride in order to remove bacteria and protein content from skin.
  • The cow hides are acidified at pH3 it helps chromium tanning salts to enter the skin hide and even salts are added to ensure that skin does not swell. Once this over the skin is added up with some bactericides and fungicides to make them weight.
  • Once the pH acidity level reduces the chromium salts mix with skin and a make a cross linkage bond with carboxyl group present in the skin. Once this process is completed the hide capable to resist against bacteria and high temperature.
  • In addition chromium salts are mixed to magnesium oxide in order to ensure that hide skin is not rotten.
  • Once all tanning process completed the finished cow hides thickness is perfectly checked through squeezing and dividing the cow hides.
  • As a final step cow hides are soaked with synthetic oil and sodium formiato bicarbonate solutions in order to make cow hides even softer and to have a soft touch even in edges of rugs.

Likewise cow hide rugs are made as per above said steps and distributed to the retailer shops if the cow hide rugs needs some coloring pattern then it undergo further process for designing purpose.

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