The growth of molds can be a major issue and it can lead to building damage besides it enhances the threat of everyone who living in the building. This is the case where the mold remediation is considered as very important one to be identified. Finding the mold remediation requires the remediation services should be taken as soon as when you find there are mildew and mustiness in your home. Exposure to mold will be creating a quite harmful to health and by using the mold removal services you can get the relief. The mold remediation has wide number of health benefits since it ensures that the effects are properly cured before exposure to health spores and harmful bacteria. The following are the some of the health issues that the mold remediation helps in keeping at the bay. They are.

  • Skin infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Sinus infection
  • Rashes

Other kind of the health issues includes fever, wheezing, migraines, dizziness, coughing, memory impairment, chronic fatigue syndrome where all these issues can be avoided with the assistance of the professionals that specialized in the mold removal because they thoroughly clean and remove the property or home of all mold traces. Read More →

In Lie detector testing when a person is deceptive the psychological changes such as increase or decrease in blood pressure, increase or decrease in heart rate, changes in respiration are being tracked.  When a person is honest the body functions in normal pattern.  The test results are recorded on a polygraph chart then the charts are numerically rated by examiners to make conclusions.

Accuracy and errors:

In real time it is difficult to find out the truth.  Because, honest person may feel nervous when saying truth and a dishonest person may be very confident at lying.   One cannot measure human emotions correctly. There is no evidence that lie detector results are 100% accurate. 

Polygraph errors may be caused by examiners failure.  Errors are caused by lack of training and experience of examiner, equipment malfunction, misinterpretation of data and improper assessment.  Errors are referred as false positives (honest person proved as deceptive) and false negatives (dishonest person proved as non deceptive).  Most experienced polygraph examiners can detect deception.  To get accurate results examiner uses different procedures to make examinee comfortable and stress free.  The procedures include assessment of examinee emotional state, medical condition, conducting pre-test interview and asking control questions to come over nervousness.  However to get 100% accuracy in results new researches are going on.

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